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1) Prohibited items Policy- We specifically restrict the posting and listing of classified or information in relation of the following items:
i. Alcoholic drinks, Liquor, drugs, tobacco products, medicines or any goods or services that are prohibited under any applicable law.
ii. Religious items such as books, artifacts or any information of any such item that affects the religious sentiments of any group or person.
iii. Information or item that are injurious to health or nature.
iv. Personal documents, identity documents, financial records or personal information (in any form,including mailing lists).
v. Any ad posted more than once with same title and content is not allowed.
vi. Ads related to the items intended for use in sexual activities would not be permitted.

2) Consequences of Breach of Listing Policy- User who disrupt the prohibited items policy subjected to the following actions:
i. Termination of membership.
ii. Continual blocking of access to the site.